Data Roaming - wherever you go get your data roaming with you!
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What is Data Roaming?

Data Roaming is when you use data connections such as internet and email internationally outside of your carriers coverage. “Roaming” in the sense roaming out of the covered zone. It is important to have the feature turned off to avoid any unwanted roaming costs. Data connections can get expensive fast without you even realizing it. [...]

How to turn data roaming off on the iPhone

Why you should turn off data roaming on your iPhone? iPhone come with an unlimited data plan for users in the USA. They pay a 20$ a month flat fee for unlimited data usage. When you take your iPhone overseas this is not the case. You will be in “Roaming” this status costs a lot [...]

Overview of Covers – ElementCase Vapor Pro and Vapor Comp for iPhone 4 and 4S

Design of iPhone 4/4S keeps modifying even three years after first appearance, so it cannot be considered obsolete. The ceramic glass covers the back Part of the body, looks stylish and pleasant to the touch. But this is the first few weeks only. As a result, the ceramic glass is covered with scratches, cracks and sometimes after a nasty fall. IPhone owners have to Deal with all sorts of Protective Covers, which, while not always able to adequately protect the Unit. In this Review, I propose to consider the case ElementCase, which is positioned as a manufacturer of stylish and reliable solution to protect the iPhone 4/4S.

Toshiba AT300

Toshiba comes in the topmost list of manufacturers of advanced electronic products like smartphones, tablet pc and laptops. It has announced a new tablet i.e. Toshiba AT300. This tablet is announced in the month of May 2012 and will be released in the second of quarter of 2012. Toshiba AT300 is one of the slimmest [...]

Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III VS Sony Xperia S

Samsung has achieved a remarkable position in the world of electronic items, home appliances and electronic gadgets. Samsung’s Galaxy Smartphone has played a big role behind the success of this brand.

ASUS Tablet 600 and 810: first ASUS tablets transformers based on Windows 8

Till now, Computex 2012 remained quite interesting. We have seen many new laptops, ultrabook and Tablets. If we talk about ASUS in Computex 2012 then we will find, ASUS has excelled at Computex 2012 with a very interesting products, a couple of which will be discussed in this news. Tablet 600 and Tablet 810 became [...]