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All You Need to Know Before Buying Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III – The ideal smartphone … What is it? What characteristics it must have that will appeal to all? Quite possibly the answer to this question is “nobody knows”. It is terrible to even imagine what will happen in a year when it’s time to show the world the Samsung Galaxy S4. On May-3, millions views were glued to the screens, monitors, laptops and tablets where they could watch the announcement of Samsung Galaxy SIII. This presentation can be compared with a date for the blind. Hair, skin and other parameters are known, but you never imagine what kind of date it would be. But all is not as bad as it might seem at first glance – I thought, and plunged into the world of TouchWiz, SmartStay, S Beam, S Voice…

My first impression was completely the opposite of what happened at the sight of dozens of photographs. Live, Samsung Galaxy SIII did not look like a bar of soap. How would it sound strange, but tactile, it is closest to the Apple iPhone 4: the same slippery glass, such as tightly knit body. Looking at all this gloss, matte hard to imagine, as in the HTC One X, housing, for which both praised the latter. Perhaps this is the first phone to my memory, which is a gloss. Yes, it is prone to scratches and so they appear just once, but to discover them, you’ll never find the “right” angle. Moreover, those who care about preserving the presentation can be recommended to use the covers, as do the owners of “iPhones.” At least, not buying the cheapest device every six months you probably can find the money to buy the back cover. What is the building will be a few months of operation, and which leaves an impression in colour SGSIII Pebble blue, we will see later. And now it’s time to check close acquaintance with Marble white – white galaxy.

Samsung Galaxy S III – Appearance and Ergonomics

Design of Samsung Galaxy S III recalls last year’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus. A similar edge around the perimeter of the body, the location of the earpiece, gauges and buttons, and a mini jack, multimedia speaker and flash are located elsewhere. Because of the uniform colour of plastic in the Nexus, when you look at it there is no association with the soap box, which can not be said about the SIII. Looking at photos, this is the design bar is associated with accessory.

The front panel is completely covered with tempered glass. At the bottom of the hardware is located trapezoidal and two touch-sensitive keys – “Menu” and “Back.” At the top, under the same grid with the Nexus hidden earpiece, which is visible right from the two sensors and the front camera lens. To the left of the speaker is a bright LED’s flashing – red, blue and green.

The central part is huge 4.8” Super AMOLED display with HD-resolution.

Along, the perimeter of the body is used by plastic metal. Like the rest of the smartphone, the material is completely glossy.

On the left side is the volume control button, at the opposite – the power button.

Hidden under the back cover battery capacity of 2100 mA / h is a slot for a mini-SIM, and microSD cards.

All You Need to Know Before Buying Samsung Galaxy S III


In order to get acquainted with this part of the smartphone I’ve had too little time. Therefore, the basic overview of software with all its bells and whistles will come later. Now I will confine myself to the main. The flagship runs the latest version of the operating system Android – 4.0.4. Installed on top of is firm shell (launcher) is TouchWiz. Personally, I was first acquainted with the shell on the fourth Samsung Android. At first glance the interface loses HTC Sense 4.0. It is a fast gadget, since the inclusion of up to full operation takes no more than 10 seconds.

The number of desktop windows is limited to seven things. There is a circular scrolling on the desktop, the menu of applications and widgets. Among the latter there is a part of the Galaxy Note. Example – S Memo, S Planner, S Bookmarks and S Suggest. Most of all I liked the S Planner – Calendar. As in the Note, due to the high resolution display, a calendar widget can hold quite a lot of useful information. Recycled and other widgets include a music and video. The latter is interesting because it shows the frame where you stopped watching videos. There Widgets switches. With their help, you can turn on the flash, convert sound into headphones from stereo to mono and invert screen colors. What do the last two I do not understand? I hope the re-introduction will open the curtain of mystery.


What a flagship of the Samsung, we’ve seen! The Smartphone is equipped with quad-core processor family Exynos with a maximum frequency of 1.4 GHz together with four core Cortex A9 running graphics core Mali-400MP. Together they make the Samsung Galaxy SIII most productive unit in the market, winning by such strong opponents as the Apple iPad 3, HTC One XL and the Asus Transformer Prime.

On the one hand, the power Exynos 4212 seems excessive, but on the other hand, it has to be applied, for example, to view the video in a smaller window, and the simultaneous viewing of Web pages. For the first time smartphone users have made it possible to look at multi-tasking personally. Currently, the simultaneous operation of two of these applications leaves much to be desired. Video plays without hitches, but the pages are loading slowly. To understand how, it is sufficient to suspend or close the video player. Nevertheless, the very ability to view the video in conjunction with something else is amazing. The window with the player can move to any part of the screen. Simultaneous operation of video and audio player is impossible.

Download speed of pages in the browser has grown. Now it may well compete with desktops. Well, if you want to surpass desktop, use the beta version of mobile browser, Chrome. Sacrificing support Flash, you get sharpened by fast and comfortable working in a network web browser.

Illustrious omnivorous Android-smartphone Samsung is not spared and Samsung Galaxy S III. As we did not try and find at least one movie that will be beyond the power of the smartphone and could not. Moreover, when you run a video player there is another opportunity to demonstrate the power of the device. In the gallery player, all videos are presented in the form of thumbnails, each of which plays at an accelerated pace of the file. The same possibility is present when watching any of the videos, if you select the menu “Preview of the head.” The screen is divided into 12 segments each of which shows the events occurring in it.

As we have said, software is not yet final, which is clearly seen on the results of the tests. But while the happy right now. And although we have not yet managed to conduct tests of time, and so improve the visible. The smartphone is easy to stand up 6:00 in the ongoing operation, and is shooting video, photos, and benchmarks, work with the browser and view the video.


The Smartphone is equipped with 8 MP and not as a supposed 12 MP, matrix, the reverse lights. Photo quality is comparable to SGSII, and slightly inferior Galaxy Note. It is likely that the software is responsible for working with the camera and finalize.

View camera settings remained the same as before. On the left all sorts of settings from pop-ups, right – the shutter button. The time of fixation of the frame looks exactly the same as in the screenshots. Burst Rate up to date flagships. If desired, the camera allows up to 20 frames with skrostyu 3.3 frames / sec, with automatic best. In the process of shooting video at the touch of the screen, you can save a static picture with a resolution similar to that found for the photos.

Then bring to your attention a comparison of camera Samsung Galaxy S III with other smartphones. Unfortunately, HTC has selected photos with 16:9 aspect ratios, which is why images were obtained with lower resolution. As an example of a conventional camera, was chosen the smartphone: Star B79 running at 1 GHz processor MTK6575, with a 5 megapixel interpolated to 8 MP camera and video recording at 1280 × 720 pixels.

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