Apple Releases MacBook Air for $ 799
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Apple Releases MacBook Air for $ 799

According to the information resource Digitimes, in the third quarter of this year, Apple plans to launch a low-cost model of the MacBook Air, the cost of which will be around – $ 799.

MacBook Air for $ 799 – Really??!

This intention to Apple is aimed at, in order to fully compete with rival companies, including Intel, which offers consumers several models of low-cost ultra-thin laptops. At this point, it is unclear how Apple can reduce prices on the MacBook Air as much as $ 200, given its focus on getting high profits from their products. Most likely, this can be done due to the fact that the price of solid state drives used in MacBook Air, continues to fall.

At the moment of the cheapest 11.6-inch model MacBook Air with 64GB, company asks for $ 999. In addition to reducing the purchase price of Solid State Drives, Apple could install in their future, “Air” notebooks are cheaper processors, for example, Core i3 and thus reduce their costs up to $ 799.

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