Buy Galaxy Nexus Accessories Directly from The Play Store

Buy Galaxy Nexus Accessories Directly from The Play Store

There is a good news, even if partially. Google has begun selling its Galaxy Nexus accessories directly from the Google store Play. It is one more step in its strategy to rescue the store as a direct channel for selling devices that carry its brand. Unfortunately, for now it is only available in America. Google has not commented freely on when it will be available in the other parts of the Globe, however we can guess that it will be done very soon, if the idea gets success in America.

The first accessories for sale are a basis HDMI to see mobile multimedia content on your TV or console, a desktop charger and one for the car. All are for the Galaxy Nexus, which created much hype at the time of its arrival due to its world class features. So someone, with his Nexus S will have to wait. In addition they are compatible with the GSM version of phone manufactured by Samsung for Google.

Galaxy Nexus Accessories on the Play Store

For now, the devices (actually all part of Google Play dedicated to selling the Nexus family) are only available for the U.S. market. In fact, if you go to the links, it tells you that it is not available in Spain. Prices, but for now we are interested enough, ranging from $49 for the HDMI to the 54 basis for the other two fixtures.

But more important than the fact that Google put these three accessories for sale in the U.S., are the clues you are taking to their future strategy. Already, talks have started about that after the change of Google Android Market to Play hide an evolution beyond the name change. Google wants to copy the success of the Apple store and also sell their hardware. This trend continued last week when it emerged that Google returned to sell their mobile with Google Nexus Play after the initial failure had with the Nexus One. But things may be different now with the imminent arrival of your tablet Nexus, Google believes it can jump over operators and traditional channels to sell all the devices and your system free Android untouched.

This may be not so good news for Galaxy Nexus lovers residing outside U.S, but it is certainly a ray of hope as Apple may soon start selling these accessories outside U.S as well so as to boost the sales. The reason why these accessories came in U.S first is because perhaps U.S is the best market for any high tech product due to the increasing craze for technology out there among people. Anyways, U.S people can stay happy, as they can have their favorite accessories directly from Google store on their devices.

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