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Depth Analysis of S Voice, the Voice Assistant of the S3 Galaxy

One of the main attractions of Samsung S3 Galaxy will be your voice intelligent assistant, called S Voice. Here we present a thorough analysis of one of the many new features including the new Samsung mobile star.

Our fellow Android Help been able to analyze in detail S Voice, the new system with which the Korean company will respond to your Apple and Siri application built into the iPhone 4S. Unlike this, the Samsung service itself is available in Spanish, with your name in our language Voice S. One of the first characteristics of the system is that it will be restricted solely to the new S3 Galaxy, but it seems can be used on any computer running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

What is S Voice ?

S voice (which also will run in seven languages) respond to the voice of the user even when the phone is idle, which for now does not work in the test version but will be implemented in the final. Once in place is highly recommended to help you know the place where we are, which is useful if we want the wizard will lead to a particular site. To pronounce “Sailing Home” can lead us to our home where previously reported. Also, the service can afford to make calls to say the number that we want to go and where several of our contacts with the same name offer a list from which to choose. Adjustments will be basic to the program to respond with maximum precision.

S Voice, Voice Assistant of the S3 Galaxy

In total you can make a score of tasks among which are the above. In the settings section you can check the list of functions and commands each to carry them out. Generally you only need to use natural language, similar to that we would use to direct a person, something that dazzled many iPhone users Siri 4S and surely among the future users like S Voice.

Another option you have is to send SMS to mobile number. Although the voice transcription has yet to be polished, it is a useful feature in case the user can not use your hands at times. You can also use this system to write notes and schedule tasks or events. One of the highlights is your choice Music, which opens by saying the command “play”. If you specify artist or song, Voice S reproduces the location and (provided it is in our team). It can also connect to radio stations.

The interactions through social networks are also included in the new system. Communicate with contacts on Facebook or post a message to Twitter with Voice S is possible, although the trial version still leaves something to be desired in this respect. In any event, a function is most useful if its developers put get ready for the next week arrival S3 Galaxy.

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