EU Cuts Mobile Costs Abroad From 1 July 2012 | Data Roaming
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EU Cuts Mobile Costs Abroad From 1 July 2012

Roaming call rates and mobile internet charges has always been high in the EU. Finally, EU cuts mobile costs abroad from July after the parliament has successfully passed the proposal following a voting by its members. 578 members voted for and 10 against the new rule. Some say that the cuts are a result of the European Commission’s goal of bridging the gap between local call, and roaming call rates.

With a lot of people using the internet these days not only will there be a fall in rates of phone calls, but also there will be a cut in the price of data usage while roaming in the EU countries. This is the first time ever the legislation has fixed the price for data usage and changed the call rates which was imposed back in 2007.

- The Lament

FTE a.k.a France Telecom and a myriad other telecom firms have already started lamenting about their imminent loss in revenue because of the new rule. With wireless data charges contributing up to 10% of the revenue, the caps will sure impose great pressure on the telecom companies from the first week of July.

EU to cut Mobile Costs Abroad – New Rates

Data roaming charges will fall to 70 Euro cents for every megabyte of usages, and that’s not the end of it. The rates are expected to further fall in the successive years. The prices are likely to fall down to 45 Euro cents in 2013 and subsequently 20 cents for usage of every MB in 2014.

The current roaming call rate is 35 cents per minute and it will decrease to 29 cents as of July the 1st 2012. This will further reduce to 19 Euro cents in 2014. One more useful aspect of the rules is to alert people with a warning message every time someone reaches 50 Euros of charges in a particular month.

- Future

The Council of Ministers also boasted that, from July 2014 customers will be given an option of choosing their roaming services and local services separately. Subscribers will not be charged for switching between service providers when they are roaming and their numbers will remain the same.

The Council will adopt the new rules in June and they will come to effect in all the EU states from July 2012.

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