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Facebook Reverts to Develop its Own Smartphone

Not the first time on the web there are rumours that Facebook is working on its own smartphone. Moreover, there was even a joint project with HTC, in which there were phones Salsa and Chacha with a special button of Facebook. Another piece of information on this subject published by New York Times, fuelled public interest in an extraordinary project.

Facebook Smartphone

Recall that last year there were details about the next stage of cooperation between HTC and Facebook, but not in the field of production of branded gadget, like the above Salsa and Chacha. Everything is much more serious, and it was a question about the full smartphone, the most adapted for social networking. Moreover, the information received at different times was from two different sources. New York Times revealed some details about the ongoing management of social action network aimed at developing a corporate smartphone.

In particular, the head of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is concerned that his child with its monstrous mass (nearly a billion users – it’s not a joke) is still a sort of “appendix” to the modern mobile platforms, while the social network for a long time itself has become a platform with a huge number of custom applications and services. We should not forget that the basic income, as is the case with Google, the company receives from advertising. The yield on the mobile market will reach a wider audience of social networks and increase the efficiency of the primary source of income.

Judging from the data Facebook Smartphonesource, the project telephone Facebook several times already, “restart”, the main reason why – the lack of specialists in the development of smartphones. Handbook of social networks has realized that without the necessary training on their own to create a new device is almost impossible. As a result, the company has been actively hiring new people and have even managed to get half a dozen experts from Apple, who participated in the development of iPhone and iPad.

The second option – it is buying a company that has experience in the desired area. On the placement of shares Facebook raised $ 16 billion, which gives a lot of social networking features. For example, Research in Motion is estimated at $ 6 billion and HTC – $ 11.8 billion in the way, Google has recently completed the acquisition of Motorola Mobility, and now a direct competitor Facebook in the advertising business has a real opportunity to create branded devices on their own.

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