GLOBE SIM card, how to use voice and data roaming services
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GLOBE SIM card, how to use voice and data roaming services

Globe SIM voice and data roaming

Globe SIM belongs to Globe a cell phone operator based in the Philippines. This operator provides the voice and data roaming service to its customers so they can enjoy it all over the world. There are global data roaming and voice roaming services being provided so users would find that it is very convenient for them to travel around the world with their cellphones. Some of the Globe SIM cards made by Globe can be used in the US. But, in order for Globe subscribers to be able to use voice and data roaming services they must activate this service while in Philippines.

There are a few steps that subscribers must follow in order to have the roaming services successfully activated and help is always available on Globe FAQ International Roaming site.

First of all, of course, you should have the valid Globe SIM card. You need to verify this as well as your cell phone works while you are still in the Philippines. In order to do the verification, you can try to make a simple test call first. The phone number should work.

Secondly, if you are on a prepaid plan, you should try to get enough credit for the trip. You should load sufficient credit for the trip because roaming can be quite expensive. So, go ahead and call Globe in order to get the necessary support for the roaming credit loading.

Then, you should follow the instruction on the Globe SIM card package to activate the capability of roaming. This is something that people must do in order to ensure the roaming service availability. Some people think that the roaming services would be activated automatically once they have used the Globe SIM card to dial and complete a local call. However this is not the case, as not all local users would need roaming services hence Globe does not enable the roaming service automatically. As such, users that need voice and data roaming services should initiate the activation by sending the instruction code to the operator.

Here are some samples of activating or extending Globe SIM roaming according to the Globe help page.
Send a text containing the <keywords> to 2884. Keyword could be:

  • To activate – GROAM ON <startdate mm/dd/yyyy>
  • To extend – GROAM EXTEND <# of days>
  • To request status – GROAM STATUS
  • To check the target country offers roaming services – GLIST <name of country>
  • To get help – GROAM HELP
  • To deactivate – GROAM OFF

All except Activate and Deactivate commands incur fees, so don’t overuse them especially when outside country.
Also make sure to read the “How to make calls” and “How to send messages” instruction on the same Globe help page.

You should receive a welcome message first time your phone register to a foreign network, usually when you arrive in that country. There would be details provided regarding the whole roaming services. For example, there would be information telling you about the cost of each call and the cost of data per kilobytes in the Global voice and data roaming services for that particular network and/or country. Upon receiving the message, you can actually start using of the Globe SIM voice and data roaming services as you like. You just need to pay attention to the credits remaining. When you use the global roaming services, you can actually dial the numbers as usual and you do not need to add the country code all the time.

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