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iOS 6: Apple replaces Google Maps by own Apple 3D maps

Apple 3D maps – have you learnt about it? Apple’s yet to be released IOS 6 is scheduled to replace Google maps application with its own 3D maps.

For the past few years, apple has been quietly purchasing companies like spacebase and poly9 who facilitates in mapping software. Recently they acquired the rights to C3 technologies. C3 technology is already popular for its picture perfect and realistic portray of imagery in 3D. Now that apple owns these companies, it seems very clear they want to overtake Google maps. They are looking to break away form Google and establish their own mapping technology. Sources form various parts of internet reveal that the 3D mapping technology apple uses is far more superior in case of clarity, speed and functionality. This is because C3 technology uses camera and captures images aerially and then automatic software filled with algorithms converts these images into 3D images and adds texture to it. This gives the imagery a realistic feel.

Apple 3D maps

They also provide incredible imagery from the street point of view. Apple 3D maps shows the realistic view of the street like buildings, restaurants, billboards and even the interiors and designs of those restaurants.

Apple has also planned to upgrade traffic routes. They wanted to show their users the clearest of routes possible. They even started collecting huge loads of traffic database from various sources.

On an interesting note, this technology was first used in Swedish Military operations in missiles and fighter jets.

This new Apple 3D maps technology is available in iphones, ipads and ipads touch. Promos and conference videos have also been released focusing on how this 3D Mapping technology works. When apple set its eyes on something, it is sure to bring innovation and it’s sure to overhaul and surpass previous versions by storm. Now let us wait and see what this new mapping technology brings for the future.

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