iPhone 4S Beats Galaxy S3
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iPhone 4S Beats Galaxy S3

Experts have concluded that, despite the obvious advantages, the South Korean gadget has weaknesses, which can hit competitors. After the world premiere of a new smart phone Samsung Galaxy S3, experts in the field of mobile gadgets at once carried out a comparative analysis of South Korean prime ministers and popular all over the world, Apple iPhone 4S. By comparing the results, specialists came to the conclusion that the iPhone has a tangible benefit.

iPhone 4S vs. Galaxy S3

Experts have not approved plastic housing in Galaxy S3, which on the first sensations seemed to them flimsy, despite the fact that this device was much easier.

Fans of mobile devices are not quick to express their opinion about the operating system Android 4.0 Galaxy S3. Despite the fact that it has changed in comparison with the previous version, the iPhone OS seems experts are much more simple and able to work with a lot of interesting applications.

There is the opinion that the owners of the Samsung gadgets are experiencing some difficulties with the update components of Android 4.0.

Particularly disappointing of gurus and lovers of mobile gadgets is caused by the fact that instead of the promised 12 megapixel camera, Samsung limited to 8-megapixel device – such as the iPhone.

Most reviewers Mobile agreed that, in spite of the appreciable difference in the time-release, iPhone 4S is not much inferior to a whole new Galaxy S3.

Experts predict that with the advent of the market Apple iPhone 5 premiere is scheduled for the summer of 2012, the South Korean gadget corporations can no longer flaunt their current advantages in the form of a large Super AMOLED display and a 4-core processor.


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