iPhone and Prepaid to Go Hand in Hand
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iPhone and Prepaid to Go Hand in Hand

Announced to be on June 22, prepaid service and the latest iPhone will go hand in hand for the U.S users. For every new purchase of iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, the customers will be able to enjoy unlimited calling, messaging and Internet plan at $55. However, as in most of the plans that already exist, the Internet speed will decrease once you reach a usage of 2.3 GB. This has been made possible by Regional Career Cricket, which comes under Leap Wireless. However, the high cost of iPhone may pose hurdle in front of consumers, who want to enjoy the latest creation of Apple alongside benefitting prepaid plans together.

Prepaid iPhone Plans

Meanwhile, Cricket Communications, Inc. boats of becoming the very first pre-paid career in America that will offer iPhone to the customers. It has set the price of the 8GB iPhone 4 at $399.99 and the 16GB iPhone 4S at $499.99, but no one is sure if there would be any possible revision in the prices once the prepaid services go live in June.

iPhone, as we all know has rewritten the destiny of Apple, with its most advanced features and as a result, an ever increasing popularity. It comes with 1080p HD resolution video recording, advanced display features, full time voice help assistant: Siri and much more. Moreover it is equipped with the latest mobile operating system: iOS 5.1, which has set new standards for the operating systems of the world and has created a never seen before craze among the users.

With the no-contract plan and introduction of iPhone to its users, Leap Wireless International must be foreseeing a great future for the company ahead. The customers will have the option of buying iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 at selected offline and online stores. There will be dealers for the phone in nearly 60 markets and the stores owned by the Cricket Company. Also, one can get the deal at the comfort of his or her home at www.mycricket.com online. There won’t be any hidden charges or service fee for the buyers, as the company announced in its press release.

This is seen as good news for the Apple Company as well by many Tech Gurus, as it might sky-rocket the sales of the great Apple device by an unprecedented scale. One more thing to mention here is that apart from the two iPhone models: 4S and 4, the cricket company may offer Apple iPhone 3GS at a price range between $200 and $250 with the same text, call and Internet plan. This is because iPhone 3GS is a more affordable option for the iPhone lovers, who can’t spare more for the other two models of iPhone.

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