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Overview of Covers – ElementCase Vapor Pro and Vapor Comp for iPhone 4 and 4S

Design of iPhone 4/4S keeps modifying even three years after first appearance, so it cannot be considered obsolete. The ceramic glass covers the back Part of the body, looks stylish and pleasant to the touch. But this is the first few weeks only. As a result, the ceramic glass is covered with scratches, cracks and sometimes after a nasty fall. IPhone owners have to Deal with all sorts of Protective Covers, which, while not always able to adequately protect the Unit. In this Review, I propose to consider the case ElementCase, which is positioned as a manufacturer of stylish and reliable solution to protect the iPhone 4/4S.

ElementCase Vapor Pro

The most “advanced” version of the protective cover is made of aluminium – ElementCase with a small inset of hard plastic. Case comes in a solid package, which, except itself, you can also find a special protective cover on the back of a screwdriver and a pair of spare screws.

ElementCase Vapor Pro and Vapor Comp for iPhone 4SSam Vapor Pro consists of two separate halves that are joined together by screws. The screws are located at an angle, so with one hand, it’s more aesthetically pleasing, but on the other, with a strong impact on the edge there is a chance that they would break.

Construction Vapor Pro allows you to put in it an iPhone without the risk of scratching the aluminium edging body, inside the cover there is a special soft inserts. Fastening system with the cover bolts can not be considered suitable for the extraction of iPhone as you will have to spend a few minutes, however, the smartphone is firmly fixed, Vapor Pro shell halves are joined with no visible gap.

A positive feature of the Vapor Pro includes the fact that the cover does not cover access to connectors and mechanical government’s iPhone. Finally, connect the charger, headphones, adjust the volume or mute the smartphone, as simple as a holster. In this case, Vapor Pro is suitable for the iPhone 4 and 4S, but in the first case, the lever off the sound is not as convenient to use.

Vapor Pro Design is uneven, it will either like it or not. iPhone in such a CASE adds to the size and Weight, which may be to the taste is not everything. Despite this, case protects the Unit from scratches and scuffs well. It will also be effective in the fall of the iPhone on a flat surface with Firm not very great height. In other cases, the outcome of the fall is difficult to predict. In general, ElementCase Vapor Pro leaves a pleasant impression, cover performing its function, but its cost, varies from $ 100 to $ 200 depending on colour, fit is not everything.

ElementCase Vapor Com

This case is a lightweight version of the Vapor Pro, as evidenced by a large plastic box on the left edge and the price level of $ 70 to $ 100. Package Vapor Com is much easier, but the package contains the very case, the protective film on the screen, fabric label on the back of the smartphone and a miniature screwdriver.

ElementCase Vapor Pro and Vapor Comp for iPhone 4SLike the “big brother», Vapor Com is assembled from two parts, aluminium and plastic, fortunately, the first is greater than the second. They recorded the same way – with screws, but in the case of Vapor Com larger screws and hidden inside the cover. Both halves of the cover are tightly connected to each other.

Only the problem is, the inside of the cover has no soft spots, as in the Vapor Pro, thus building iPhone directly in contact with aluminium. Because of this, in case of iPhone, minor scratches may appear, except that, if dropped on a hard surface, the deformation of the cover may be affected and the body, as they fit snugly together.

Another shortcoming of Vapor Comp is that the mute arm is strongly recessed into the body, in the end, it is difficult to switch.

ElementCase Vapor Pro

Plus point
+ Materials
+ Delivery
+ Good defence Corps
+ Reliable fixation

- Design is not for everyone
- Mounting system
- Price

ElementCase Vapor Comp

Plus Point
+ Design
+ Delivery

- Access to lever off the sound
- Mounting

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