iOS vs Android devices owners - Who spend more on video games?
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Owners of iOS-devices Spend More than Owners of Android-devices on games

According to a recent study, the mobile device is used frequently as a gaming platform by Apple users. We also learned that iOS users spend 5-6 times more money on different games than the owners of vehicles Android.

iOS vs Android owners – Who spend more on games?

This study was conducted by a company Netzoo, which was based on an analysis of two hundred of the most popular mobile games, as well as from a survey of 17,000 users. All collected data indicates that nearly 91% of funds spent on the game are spent in gaming applications, such as the purchase of any content in game. According to research 84% of revenue from video games brings a different mobile devices iOS, i.e., tablet computers, iPods and phones from Apple. However, only 16% of revenue comes from the owners of the platform Android. It should be noted that the initial purchase of the game – it is one tenth of the total income, while the remaining 90% comes from sales of various game content.

All studies were performed only on the territory of the United States. They helped to identify the most preferred gaming applications for mobile devices. Thus, only 19% of users are on regular cell phones, but others prefer a tablet or smartphone.

Analysts argue that such a high popularity of Apple’s devices is for several reasons. First of all, it’s easy to buy the game itself, as well as content playing in the store called App Store may be associated with the credit card user, which allows to simplify the process of buying with a single button press.

In addition, applications for Android are much smaller than for the iOS-devices. This fact may also have a number of reasons. For example: the huge prevalence of the operating system, due to which the developers must constantly adapt their work for different displays and resolutions.


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