Rumours on new iPhone Release Date

Rumours about the Release Date of the new iPhone

Fully reliable data about the timing of the next generation iPhone is still there. Some experts say that Apple will introduce a smartphone in the autumn, as the iPhone 5. And someone – that the device will be presented in the exhibition WWDC 2012, respectively, the traditional cycle of product updates.

Will this be the iPhone 5?

Whatever it was, but very reliable sources have reported quite regularly about pretty active work of the company on this device. According to the publication DigiTimes, the company Wintek and TPK Holding obliged to 15-19% reduction in the amount of supply different devices, touch panels for iPhone 4S. This fact is evidence of the the complete life cycle of the device.

It became known yesterday that the iPhone will receive a new sixth-generation screen diagonal that can reach 4 inches, and the screen will be equipped with the technology in-cell touch, which involves the combination of a touch screen and an excellent layer. All of this allows the device to more quickly respond to any touch and to reduce the weight of the apparatus. According to some reports, the updated iPhone screen will be increased in size by changing the aspect ratio, that is, the screen becomes more elongated than the 3.5-inch displays.

This device will not allow manufacturing companies such components in the dispenser and the Holding Wintek to supply these products for Apple in the same quantities as before. For example, SEC Holding expects to reduce earnings in the current year by about 10%.

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