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Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III VS Sony Xperia S

Samsung has achieved a remarkable position in the world of electronic items, home appliances and electronic gadgets. Samsung’s Galaxy Smartphone has played a big role behind the success of this brand.

Direct Competitors to Samsung Galaxy S3

This year 2012 is the landing of the quad core mobile processors in the industry. The technology to integrate the new mobile quad-core chips leaves most teams, one step behind them. But analysts see in the May 29, the release date of Samsung Galaxy S3 – the first day of quad core era, although in the market and there is a terminal with processors that power.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Active: Now Don’t be Afraid of Dirt and Water

For lovers of active life, finding a phone that meets their lifestyle is a challenge, at times, unbearable. Recently, a variety of secure devices have been added to the smartphone from the company from whom we least expected such a step. So when the Sony Ericsson Xperia Active fell into our hands, we have come off [...]

All You Need to Know Before Buying Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III – The ideal smartphone … What is it? What characteristics it must have that will appeal to all? Quite possibly the answer to this question is “nobody knows”. It is terrible to even imagine what will happen in a year when it’s time to show the world the Samsung Galaxy S4. On May-3, millions views were glued to the screens, monitors, laptops and tablets where they could watch the announcement of Samsung Galaxy SIII.