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EU Cuts Mobile Costs Abroad From 1 July 2012

Roaming call rates and mobile internet charges has always been high in the EU. Finally, EU cuts mobile costs abroad from July after the parliament has successfully passed the proposal following a voting by its members. 578 members voted for and 10 against the new rule. Some say that the cuts are a result of [...]

GLOBE SIM card, how to use voice and data roaming services

Globe SIM voice and data roaming Globe SIM belongs to Globe a cell phone operator based in the Philippines. This operator provides the voice and data roaming service to its customers so they can enjoy it all over the world. There are global data roaming and voice roaming services being provided so users would find [...]

How to turn data roaming off on the iPhone

Why you should turn off data roaming on your iPhone? iPhone come with an unlimited data plan for users in the USA. They pay a 20$ a month flat fee for unlimited data usage. When you take your iPhone overseas this is not the case. You will be in “Roaming” this status costs a lot [...]

What is Data Roaming?

Data Roaming is when you use data connections such as internet and email internationally outside of your carriers coverage. “Roaming” in the sense roaming out of the covered zone. It is important to have the feature turned off to avoid any unwanted roaming costs. Data connections can get expensive fast without you even realizing it. [...]