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All You Need to Know Before Buying Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III – The ideal smartphone … What is it? What characteristics it must have that will appeal to all? Quite possibly the answer to this question is “nobody knows”. It is terrible to even imagine what will happen in a year when it’s time to show the world the Samsung Galaxy S4. On May-3, millions views were glued to the screens, monitors, laptops and tablets where they could watch the announcement of Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Samsung Galaxy S III vs. HTC One X

Finally the most awaiting smartphone of 2012 i.e. Samsung Galaxy S III has hit the market of few countries and it will be hitting almost all countries in the month of July. If we look upon for the best smartphone in the present market then Samsung Galaxy S III will hit our thoughts and on [...]

Samsung Galaxy S III coming to 145 countries in the end of May 2012

This new smartphone “Samsung Galaxy S III” from Samsung was presented by President of Samsung Mobile Communications, JK Shin, who spoke of the rumours about the new smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S III met many of the leaks that came out in April with regard to their characteristics. Actually it measures 4.8 inches and has [...]

Samsung Galaxy S III really a Smarter Smartphone

Is Samsung Galaxy S III really a Smarter Smartphone? Just few hours before, JK Shin, president of Samsung’s mobile division, introduced the Galaxy S III in London. Today, Samsung introduced its new cell phone star, the Galaxy S III to the world. The Galaxy S III takes in account; the few of the benefits offered [...]