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COMPUTEX 2012: presentation of the ASUS

Frankly, we cannot say how new ASUS will be taken by the market and users, as ever with unusual, do not fit into the traditional framework of the devices have a lot of unknowns here. However, as mentioned in the beginning, ASUS – is one of those companies that are not afraid to experiment. And we are very interested in what will end its initiatives, as shown at COMPUTEX 2012.

Facebook Reverts to Develop its Own Smartphone

There are rumours that Facebook is working on its own smartphone. Moreover, there was even a joint project with HTC, in which there were phones Salsa and Chacha with a special button of Facebook. Another piece of information on this subject published by New York Times, fuelled public interest in an extraordinary project.

Depth Analysis of S Voice, the Voice Assistant of the S3 Galaxy

One of the main attractions of Samsung S3 Galaxy will be your voice intelligent assistant, called S Voice. Here we present a thorough analysis of one of the many new features including the new Samsung mobile star.

T-Mobile’s 4G LTE Now Available for Business Customers

The long wait is now over. The most awaited service is now available for every business owners. T-Mobile is indeed very happy to announce that the 4G LTE is now available right for everyone with a huge kind of network like business establishments. T-Mobile has been the leading wireless carrier in numerous countries and has [...]