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The Next Apple TV Will Not Come Until 2014

Despite the fact that Apple did not provide any information that IT is currently working on a new interactive Apple TV, and no one has any concrete evidence to this effect, a corporate “apple” Television is one of the most anticipated products of 2012.

Would Apple TV release this year?

It was waiting for all except MarK Moskowitz, analyst with investment bank JP Morgan. In his report to investors today, he said he did not believe that current economic conditions are optimal for the production of a new Apple TV this year. In his view, this cannot happen before 2014.

“The television industry is experiencing a” tight “economic moment, despite the fact that some TV manufacturers offer a” reasonable solution. “We do not believe that at the present time, the new Apple product will be able to take a leading position in the television market despite the radical changes in the user interface, the integration of television programs and data, and use the control with your voice or gestures.

According to Moskowitz, the creation of innovative Apple TV itself is a difficult task, not to mention the attempt to conclude an agreement with the “ruthless bosses in Hollywood.” Add to the above, the weak economy and you have a couple of good reasons to why in the near future we will not see TV by Apple, at least this year.

However, the analyst believes that ultimately the company from Cupertino will create an excellent TV, but until then we are going to receive only the updated Apple TV, which will acquire additional features and content.

What do you think, would Apple TV release this year or do you agree with Moskowitz?


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