Updated iPad 2 Works 2 Hours Longer
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Updated iPad 2 Works for 2 Hours Longer

For more than a month ago, we wrote that Apple has changed the model slightly. And that is iPad 2 released after the New Year, so here today, a journalists site, decided to tell you more about this small but significant change to the processor Apple A5 tablet iPad 2, which allows it to work for almost two hours longer on a single charge, compared to similar models of the iPad 2, released during 2011.

iPad 2 is more energy efficient now.

As we wrote earlier, all models of iPad2 released until the new year, namely a model of the marker – iPad 2,1, iPad 2,2, iPad 2,3 worked on the processor Apple A5 , produced on 45-nanometorovoy technology, while “updated” second-generation tablet (iPad 2,4) are working on the same processor, but has already created on 32-nanometorovoy technology. Due to this “new” iPad2 has become more energy efficient, which gives it an advantage in time of more than 17% over those same iPad 2 released in 2011. During a comparing test journalists found that the iPad 2comes ¬†with 32-nanometer processor, when browsing the web, lasted a half hour longer, and using it for not very demanding games – a full two hours.

It should be noted that both the tablets look no different and no difference was found in their labelling on the box. The only way to check exactly what the iPad 2 means to you- is to use the program Geekbench 2 and that will give you the result.


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